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Astrology can answer questions like ‘why am I here?’ or ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ It can also help guide us when we are searching for answers to more everyday questions such as ‘when will I find true love?’ or ‘what should I do to resolve a specific problem?’

Love – Money – Career – Break-ups – Family – Colleagues – Insecurity – Communication – Business Deals

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What is Astrology?
The word astrology derives from the Greek words astron, meaning star and logos meaning discourse. Astrology in this literal sense is the science of the stars. For many years astronomy and astrology were one science and, indeed, astrology gave birth to astronomy.

The premise on which traditional astrology is based is that the planets exert an influence on human behaviour and that the fate of each person is somehow “written in the stars”. This idea has its roots in the ancient Greek belief that the planets were the physical bodies of gods and goddesses who lived in the sky and controlled human affairs. The belief that the planets are deities has been discarded, however the concept that the planets control the affairs of man has unfortunately lingered and is at the very core of traditional astrological thinking. This view makes astrology deterministic, fatalistic and frequently pessimistic.

Twentieth century astrology is the study of the movements of the sun, moon and planets in relation to events on earth and especially to human behaviour and potential. The position of the planets at the time of birth relate in an empirical, although not causal, way to the intrinsic character and later development of an individual. Contemporary astrology has been redefined using the Hermetic adage “As above, so below”. Using this framework the planets and the earth mirror and reflect each other. A mirror cannot cause you to change your clothes or have your haircut, neither can the planets. Astrologers draw up birth charts or horoscopes that are maps of the heavens for specific moments in time, especially for the moment a child is born. The idea that planets reflect human behaviour instead of creating it infers that the horoscope is both a map of the heavens and simultaneously a map of the inner psyche of an individual. Most contemporary astrologers look at the birth chart as a symbolic blue print of the innate character and potential not as a blue print of fate or destiny.

Astrology can help us in three ways:

1) It reflects the most fulfilling life available to us
2) It can show what our resources are and how to utilise them
3) It can indicate how our lives may look in the future

Astrology is a path to self -knowledge and will give you a greater understanding of yourself and others. It can help you change, grow and make superior choices.

What astrology is not, and what it can not do
Whilst looking at what astrology is and can do, it is fitting to look at what astrology isn’t and cannot do.

Sun sign columns are not representative of astrology. It may be fun to read your column in your favourite magazine, daily newspaper or online. However, these columns are generalisations and are as far removed from true astrology as an agony column is from depth psychology.

No model of the psyche is all embracing. However, astrology is probably the most complex and the most powerful tool that is currently available.

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