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Numerology – An Introduction – The Four Basic Numbers

There are many number combinations that can be considered with Numerology. Here we consider the 4 Basic Numbers

1. Life Lesson Number: Birth Date
Your Essential Purpose of Existence
The basic Birth Date Number. The Life Lesson Number is the sum of numbers in the Birth Date that produces the most important of the Four Basic Numbers. Considered the single most important number. It is the key to your whole numerology chart.

Although a person’s name may change many times over the course of a lifetime, the birth date is constant. There are rare circumstances where date differences occur. This is due to the various dating systems e.g. Civil vs. Jewish vs. Muslim vs. Chinese, and the dates when the different calendars were introduced e.g. the replacement of the Julian with the Gregorian Calendar. However, the Birth Date generally remains the same and as such it is a constant influence upon you.

Life Lesson Number Reveals
The lessons and truths a person is meant to learn during this lifetime.
It signals the essential purpose of his/her existence. A person’s main pathway or channel
What a person has come to Earth to accomplish.
The natural direction for a person’s life.
The main opportunities that will be attracted.
Important talents, abilities,  and characteristics.
It is also a person’s “Lucky Number”.

Answers the following questions: What you can do; what you should do; and what will come to you.

Life Lesson Number: Alternate Titles
Birth Date Number
Birth Path and Life Path Number
Destiny Number

2. Soul Urge Number: Name Vowels
Your True Inner Self
One of the 3 basic Birth Name Numbers.  You Soul Urge Number is found by adding the numerical equivalents of all the vowels in the name and reducing them to a Master Number and/or single digit.

In ancient times the vowel sounds were considered sacred. As they are the inner life of a name, they show the inner or hidden motivation.

Soul Urge Number Reveals
The person’s true Inner Self and feelings
Primary inner motivation for growth and development. What motivates you.
Private part of one’s true nature.
Ambitions and motivations
Judgements and attitudes
What is wanted from life; what is desired.
Motives – ideals, or one’s own deepest desires

Soul Urge Number: Alternate Names
Soul Number
Ambition Number; Motivation Number
Vowel Number
Heart’s Desire Number; Inner Life Number

3. Outer Personality Number: Name Consonants
The Impression You Make on Others
One of the 3 basic Birth Name Numbers. The Outer Personality Number is found by adding the numerical equivalents of all the consonants in the name, and reducing them to a Master Number and/or a single digit.

Outer Personality Number Reveals
Image one project to strangers. The first impression made.
    How one presents oneself when appearing in public.
The impression one make on others through dress and behaviour.
Appearances – One’s personality, influence and impression on others.
Physical appearance and health.
Practical aspects of one’s personality.
Career talents and possibilities.

It also influences how one sees oneself when one is alone. We are usually not aware of this. In effect, it is an indication of both one’s public and private lives.

Outer Personality Number: Alternate Names
Personality Number; Outer Life Number
Consonant Number
Appearance Number; Impression Number

4. Path of Destiny Number: Name Letters
Your Potential Capabilities and Achievements
One of the 3 basic Birth Name Numbers. Your Path of Destiny Number is found by adding the numerical equivalents of all the letters (consonants and vowels) in the name, and reducing them to a Master Number and/or a single digit.

Path of Destiny Number Reveals
Sum of the individual’s capabilities and achievements.
One’s effect on others.
How one interacts with other people, which affects the situations you attract.
The course a person will take to attain career goals – whether the career involves raising a family or running a corporation.
Describes the types of people who will be encountered along one’s ‘career path’.
Methods – one’s true will, self-expression, conduct in the world.
[Motives – Soul Urge] + [Appearances – Personality] = [Methods – Path of Destiny]
What you do – not what you want, and not what you think you do.


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